I stroll through life following my Lord. At times, I have not liked the paths He has led me down. Some valleys have been darkened by grief and heartache; they were deep, sad chasms. But faithfully, gently He carried me. His ways are past finding out and for that I am grateful. Christ is my Rock, my firm foundation. And through His love, I am finding joy in life and peace in Providence.
It's the the little things that make life worthwhile for me. A quiet evening with my family...singing, playing games, reading the Word together. Seeing the rain splash on the driveway, hearing the thunder, seeing the lightning. Feeling a warm breeze brush my face and mess my hair. Breathing in the scent of orange blossoms on a chilly night. Laughing at old jokes with friends and creating new ones. Photographing a face of any kind: wrinkled, smooth, dark, or light. Capturing their souls, each one unique. I enjoy viewing life around me in all its forms: the developing personality of a child, flowering buds, baby goats, families gathered together, the trees growing ever taller...
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Thursday, July 15, 2010

::Water Musings::

Hear Ye!  Hear Ye!
I proclaim myself...
The QUEEN of Infrequent-blog-posting-dom!

Bow, peasants!  BOW before my skillful lack of blogging...skills.
*face palm*

Welllllll...what has been occupying my time?
The one BIG, and kinda HUGE thing that's been going on is Shiloh Adventure Camp!  This was my first year being a counselor there...awesomely fun ministry opportunity!  I was there for almost 5 weeks!
It was a nice, relaxed Christian camp with skits, mini-sermons, and TONS of awesome activities.  :)

When I was growing up, my Mom made a special point to take my sisters and I to the Keys every Summer.  I've grown up in the water...be it competitive or leisure swimming, sailing, snorkeling, beaching and shelling, canoeing, and the like.  And I pray, Lord willing, that my children will be just as aquatically-minded as me, if not more!  :)

/\ My brother and I both swam by ourselves as little babies. /\

So, considering how many water activities there were at camp, I was wet a LOT, and traveled down Memory Lane almost as often.  :)
We went snorkeling, swimming, sailing, speed-boating, tubing, public-pool-with-awesome-slide-ing, fishing, etc...
And, I must say...tubing is my FAVORITE!!!!!!!!  There's nothing like the rush of being dragged behind a boat on a tube.  I begged Chip (one of the drivers) to go hard on me for one run.  I can describe that ride with one, hyphenated word.  ;)


Every Friday at camp, we tubed. And every Saturday morning, I could barely fall out of bed.  I was so sore. But I was always hungry for more of it!  Nothing like the rush of a challenging physical situation.
I suppose that's why competitive swimming is my all-time favorite sport...period.  It combines two of my favorite things in life.
Water and a challenge.  :)


Hmmm...all this water talk makes me long for the beach.  I just looked outside...NOT pretty beach weather.
Perfect beach day: warm air, cool turquoise water, powdery sand, clear sky, soft towel, and a Wal-Mart bag.
Oh yeah, a Wal-Mart bag...for shells, drift wood, beach glass, and neat rocks.
(Unless you're my mom.  In which case you collect parts of deceased creatures, bird bones and feathers...yeah.)
Heavens to Betsey, I love that woman!!!  :D

And now, I've GOT to have some R&R or I'm gonna go loony!!  Too many late nights in a row with a camera attached to my head and a computer in front of my face for the daytime hours.
(Pretty sure I'm gonna need glasses soon if I keep this up. ;)

I leave you with a beautiful hymn.  It's one that always, always (without fail) comes to mind when I'm at the beach.
I generally end up sing it when I walk on the shore, verse one in particular...over and over.

O the deep, deep love of Jesus, vast, unmeasured, boundless, free!
Rolling as a mighty ocean in its fullness over me!
Underneath me, all around me, is the current of Thy love
Leading onward, leading homeward to Thy glorious rest above!

Soothing.  Oh, so soothing.
~Anna  :)

(PS)  I'm really missing this guy.  \/
Surrogate Brother Nolden,
Please stay safe while you're stationed in Alaska.  Know that we are praying hard for you!


Anonymous said...

Amen!! We SOOO miss you, Bro Isaac!!! And we are praying for you lots....love the pic, Anna!!

~ JM

Shannon said...

Oh, the joy of swimming, tubing, and all water sports. We are so blessed with the creation of water, and to have a beach near by where we can enjoy that creation. The beautiful hymn is so lovely, and so perfect for days at the beach, and anywhere else.....

Your Sister In Christ,

Amanda Kaylon said...

It's always puzzled me how some people seem to be able to post on their blogs several times a week, and still manage to accomplish something else, besides. Meanwhile, you are too busy doing "something else" to blog, and I am too busy with blog-related activities, just posting once or twice a week, to get in much of the "else". There's got to be a way to balance those two extremes. If you find it, post about it.
Still praying for you.

Laura {{* *}} said...

Your new hawaiian name...
Wai Loa Wahine

why loa waheenay

Tall Water Lady

Wake boarding huh?
(I just talked to your mom ) :)
What a thrill!

{{* *}}

Steve Finnell said...

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